FAQs About Natural Beauty Products

Meet the brainiacs from our skin care expert panel and find out their latest tips on natural skin care.

With numerous environmental challenges affecting our health as well as our beauty, you may be concerned about what goes into your beauty products. Is there any actual difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ ingredients and are they any better for your skin?

We decided to get the lowdown from some genuine experts. Meet Dr. Natasha Williams O’Hanlon, Sustainability Manager – Product Development, and Dr. Emma Kearney, Ori-Derm Principal Scientist – the female brains on our skincare expert panel.

Natural beauty

What’s the difference between organic ingredients and natural ingredients?

– All organic ingredients are natural. However, to achieve organic status, the production of natural plant ingredients must abide by strict standards – from land preparation, growth, and harvesting, to processing of final material, and must be independently certified.

Why would you use skincare products with organic ingredients?
– When you choose skincare products with organic ingredients, you have an additional level of reassurance about the origin of the materials in the product. All ingredients and final products adhere to the same thorough development standards, and deliver benefits that are suitable for the needs of a wide variety of consumers.

Natural beauty

How can natural skincare products help our skin?
– Natural skincare contains high levels of natural ingredients –including those from renewable plant sources – and fewer synthetic and petrochemical-based ingredients (Editor’s Pick: Ecobeauty).

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