4 Ways The Environment Is Damaging Your Skin

Every day you’re exposed to environmental aggressors that affect your skin. But which are the most common ones? And how do you protect yourself from them? Keep reading to get the best tips from our Skin Care Expert Melina Galeadi!

The sun is one of the most well-known environmental dangers to the skin. It’s UV rays (the ultraviolet light) damage the elastin and collagen in your skin, leaving you with wrinkles and saggy skin. And, over exposure to these UV rays can lead to discolouration and brown spots – tell-tale signs of premature ageing.

The Skin Care Expert’s tip:
I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing SPF every day – even if it’s overcast, or cold, UV rays can penetrate the clouds and harm your skin. For day-to-day coverage look for a day cream that contains SPF 15 and above. If you want extra protection, (with the added bonus of reducing the appearance of dark spots!) I recommend Optimals Even Out Protecting Day Lotion that contains SPF 35.

Pollution, like smog and gas emission, damage our bodies both topically, by directly affecting the skin, and internally as we breathe them in. Like UV rays, pollutants damage the skin, causing dryness and premature ageing.

The Skin Care Expert’s tip:
Pollution has a major effect on your skin. If you live in a city, it’s tough to avoid pollution all together, so I recommend adopting good skin care habits. Cleanse your skin day and night to remove makeup and the build-up of oil and dirt, and follow with products that have been formulated to address dryness and a loss of radiance. I recommend looking for the Anti-Pollution Active that’s in a number of our Optimals Age Revive and Even Out products. This active has been formulated to act as a protective shield over the skin to combat environmental aggressors like pollution.

This will hardly come as a surprise, but cigarette smoke is terrible for your skin. And you don’t even have to smoke to be affected. Second-hand smoking is equally damaging! Like other environmental aggressors, smoke will lead to early ageing and more wrinkles. It will also make your skin lose its glow and leave it dull and grey.

The Skin Care Expert’s tip:
All I can say is don’t smoke!

To combat temperature changes, most of us use radiators and air conditioners to reach a comfortable climate. Unfortunately, this affects our skin in a negative way. Heated air decreases the humidity, which dries out your skin. The same goes for cool air, which can leave your skin irritated and flaky.

The Skin Care Expert’s tip:
Here I recommend creating good skin care habits. Following a simple daily skin care routine, morning and night, can address concerns about lack of moisture, radiance and fine lines. An uncomplicated – but still effective - skin care routine consists of cleansing the skin, and then following with an eye cream to add moisture to this delicate area. You’ll then want to apply a hydrating facial serum, before completing your routine with a moisturising lotion or day/night cream.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame and Getty