Holiday beauty

Get our beauty expert Jonas Wramell’s top beauty tips on how to look and feel your best despite Holiday season stress.

With the festive season soon upon us, Oriflame's Global Beauty Director, Jonas Wramell, shares some invaluable insights about the best ways for you, and your beauty routine, to survive the season's biting temperatures and bountiful temptations. Read on to find out how you can start the New Year looking and feeling your very best. 

We tend to overindulge a bit during the holidays - what's a secret to freshen up tired party eyes?

"Corrector! Hide the dark tones under your eyes with a little yellow. This will even out the blue and no one will guess that you're a little worse for wear…"

It's also a time of cakes and pies - what would you prescribe for someone looking for an instant slimming effect?

Survivalguide"Shed pounds just by contouring your cheekbones and jawline. Use a darker shaded powder to create shadows under your cheekbones. This will make them more pronounced and make you look leaner."


What's the quickest way to refresh after a flight, train ride or long car journey?

Survivalguide"My only answer is: moisturizer, moisturizers, and again moisturizer! Nothing dries out your skin more than the air conditioned, dry air that's inevitable during transport. So quench your skin's thirst with moisture. After that, add some blush and you will be ready to rock and roll!"



Skiing and other winter sports can freshen up our complexion, but it can also be particularly hard on the lips – any tips for hitting the slopes?

"Protective sunblock lipstick. This will keep your lips away from the harshest of UV rays. Still, some leave your skin dehydrated afterwards and perhaps you need to rehydrate in the evening with some regular all-purpose protecting balm. Might not sound so sexy, but it adds a natural look and your lips will be thanking you later!"

Words by: Photographs by: Gett Images