Scandinavian Beauty – Elin Kling

We love Elin Kling´s classic and minimalistic fashion- and beauty style so we met up with the fashionista and the ambassador for The ONE Collective to talk about her style and her favorite spots in Denmark.

You have a minimalistic Scandinavian style; can you give us your best styling tips to achieve this look?
– Build your style with wardrobe staples. Own your clothes; do not let the clothes own you.

What do you think characterizes Scandinavian beauty?
– We are very simple when it comes to makeup and natural beauty is what most Scandinavians aim for.

Who is your favorite Danish fashion designer?
– The one designer I find interesting to follow is Sophie Bille Brahe.

Are there any Danish it-girls that you think have an inspiring fashion- and beauty style?
– Caroline Brasch Nielsen is always rocking it whatever she wears and I saw that she wore Totême during Copenhagen FW and that fact for sure makes her my favorite Danish It girl!

What are your favorite places in Copengahen?
– Last time my husband and I were there, we tried Noma, which was excellent! 

What makes Copenhagen an interesting fashion and beauty city?
– Copenhagen has plenty of chic boutiques with a very nice selection of international brands. The city also offers fantastic architectural works, which is a true fashion inspiration as well.

What do you usually do when you visit Denmark?
– Power shopping and just hanging out. I feel like that is what you do when in Copenhagen.

Your best beauty tips if we want to look chic during the cold winter days in Scandinavia?
– Use a hydrating spray, rich moisturizer and lip balm. A quick facial massage every day works miracles, it gives a blood flow to the skin and that means plumper cheeks, higher brows and reduction of fluids and puffiness.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team