7 Oriflame Women Explain Their Lipstick Obsession

What’s your lipstick obsession? Whether it’s feeling creative, fun, bold or empowered we believe that makeup – especially lipstick – is all about expressing who you are. With our new range of lipstick shades from colour obsession we asked 7 women from our staff at the global Stockholm office to pick the one they obsess over and why – here are their answers.

I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to wearing darker shades at work, but I love a lighter shade. That’s why I love Nude Appeal, although it’s a lighter colour it still makes my lips pop – a big plus is that it’s hydrating as well! Maja S

I’ve always felt lipstick isn’t for me. But since I’m a big make-up fan I always want to try new Oriflame make-up. Said and done - I tried the new The One Colour obsession lipstick and little did I know that I would get obsessed with Peach Passion. I wear it all the time now! Klara G

Cherry Crave is the perfect colour for me, it complements my dark skin tone perfectly. Not too dark, not too light. I didn't expect that something as simple as applying colour to my lips would have such an impact on my daily life. Helene Q

I think Pink Possession is the perfect hot pink that makes my lips look fuller and more plumped. It glides on smooth and I feel it lights up my face and that it brings an edge to my look. Evelina M

I love to try on new darker shades and Red Fever layers beautifully! One layer gives my lips a deeper colour – perfect if I want it to be more subtle, but still add a nice effect. When I want to “own it” a little bit extra I put on a few extra layers and voila – I instantly feel more confident! Rebecca F

I love coral shades so the one called Coral Craze is a perfect match for me! It goes on sheer like a gloss but it’s so easy to make the pigment pop more by just adding an extra layer. Another plus is that it stays on for a long time! Anna E

Who doesn’t love pink? I can’t have too many shades of pink in my lipstick wardrobe and Magenta Mania is definitely my new favorite! It doesn’t fade and my lips feel so smooth when I wear it. Obsessed! Karolina S

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame