Rita Perreira – Model & Actress with Her Own Lipstick Shade!

A while back a few selected bloggers and celebrities were invited to Oriflame’s lab to explore and create their own lipstick shades. We caught up with Rita Pereira, Portuguese actress and model to find out more about her life, her beauty style and what she learned from creating her own lipstick!

Hi Rita, first off, tell us about your modeling and acting career?
- I have worked both as a model and actress for about ten years now. I am a very lucky girl. I can truly say that, every single day, when I wake up, I wake up to my dream. This job gives me the best of both worlds. I can play many characters on set, on the catwalk and during photo-shoots. I can be whomever I want and even when I play the bad character, I am lucky enough that people still like me on the streets.

What do you think people like about you?
– I believe what makes them like me is the truth behind all my choices and attitudes.

You currently have over 1 million fans on Facebook, what is it that people like to read about on your page?
– Undoubtedly all things regarding the world of cosmetics! Beauty tips!!!

How did you come about this collaboration?
–I was personally invited by the Management of Oriflame Portugal and I obviously accepted because I take great pleasure and pride in collaborating with a brand such as Oriflame.

Tell us about your day in the lab
– First and foremost, it was a very fun day where I was able to enjoy an extraordinary experience, such as the creation of my lipstick shade, for example.

What did you find out about lipstick manufacturing that you did not know before?
–  I had no idea whatsoever about how lipsticks were manufactured, so that alone was a remarkable turning point.

What was the most fun part of this experience?
– Undoubtedly the creation of the lipstick from start to finish and also meeting people from different countries who were all there for the same reason.


Why did you choose the color you picked?
– I am someone who loves the sun and I always have a tan. The shade I chose enhances my lips in a pretty and discreet way. This is a shade I can wear all year long without getting tired of it.

What are your best beauty tips for the winter?
– Skin and lips should always be kept hydrated in wintertime!

Finally, what inspires you the most right now?
– So many things inspire me right now. I don’t even know where to begin. The world is an ever-changing place, where things happen at the speed of light and so many things inspire me. I love beauty and all things beautiful. I love animals and fight for their cause. I love my work and am thankful for the professional acknowledgement I have. All this, and much more, inspires me everyday.



Rita’s best beauty tips:

• Only wear shampoo, which is proper for your hair type. This is adamant!
• Keep your skin hydrated at all times. (I put on cream more than once a day. It’s one of my little secrets!)
• Lipstick lights up your face and always gives you that perky twist to any look.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team