My Holiday: Elin Kling

Holiday season along with the cold weather has arrived. We talked to Oriflame ambassador Elin Kling to find out about her winter skincare tips and holiday plans.

Hi Elin, winter is here. Do you have any special skincare routine during this cold and dry season?
– I drink a lot of water, do a quick facial massage everyday and pamper myself with facials once in a while. I’m religious about taking care of my face and skin all year around

What are your products for a cold climate?
– Rich moisturizer is a must. My lip balm works miracles and goes in my bag everyday. I also can’t live without sunscreen, I wear spf 50 all year around and each day mix it with my day cream.

How do you keep in shape during the winter?
– I do a mix of yoga and power walks. I also practice Ballet Beautiful (editors note: a ballet-inspired full body workout) which I believe is the perfect work-out to shape your body and to work on your posture. I drink plenty of green juices, which is necessary since I still want to enjoy good food, red wine and long nights. The key rule is to be happy and to make sure you do a good mix of detox/retox!

The holidays are coming up, what do you wish for this Christmas?
– Time off to do nothing and just relax in company with my family.

What defines a good Christmas for you?
– Proper Swedish meatballs and all the special Swedish Christmas food that I’m longing for all year around. This year I am beyond excited since my family will come to New York to celebrate Christmas with me!

How fun! What are your plans with the family?
– Oh gosh, too many plans! As for now it looks like we will go and see The Nutcracker and then spending hours of cooking food. I want to make the best New York Christmas for my mum.

Do you dress up or down for Christmas?
– I love Christmas, I always dress up.

Do you prefer a big or small party?
–  I prefer small dinner parties with my closest friends with plenty of Italian food and red wine, that continues into the early hours...

What makes you happy?
– My husband, my dear wonderful and very funny friends and my nephews, you can always count on big laughs when they are around.

What nail colour shade will you be wearing this winter?
– I will only wear neutral shades but for a more festive occasion I wear darker shades, it adds something extra to an outfit, almost like an accessory.

What are the three fashion key pieces you recommend for our readers to invest in (or wish for!) for the holidays?
– A pair of classic Levi’s 501, an everyday bag, and a classic cashmere sweater.


7 quick holiday questions:

1. High heels or flats?
Impossible, both!

2. Natural lashes or clumpy lashes?

3. Jeans or suit pants?

4. Winter coats: Oversized or tight fitted?

5. Short or long hair?

6. Handbags: big or small?

7. Thick statement eye brows or pale brows?
Thick statement eye brows.

Words by: Photographs by: All Over Press & Oriflame Editorial Team