Meet The Top Consultant: Mariela From Mexico

What inspires a top beauty consultant? We caught up with Oriflame’s Mariela Elorduy Blackaller and found out what makes her tick.

Wondering what would drive someone to combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a life in the beauty industry, we decided to chat to Oriflame top beauty consultant Mariela. The time difference means that, as the afternoon sun casts our office in Stockholm, the day in the Mexican city of Mexicali has just started. It’s eight in the morning, her time, when Mariela’s thorough and carefully thought-out response lands on our desk, and her answers make it easy to understand why she’s an entrepreneur – it’s in her blood. Growing up and living in Mexicali, she spent 20 years in the family’s car dealership business. Four years ago she joined Oriflame – and the rest is history! Here’s Mariela’s inspiring story – and a few of her personal beauty tips as a bonus!

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
– Being an entrepreneur has always been my passion. It allows me to have my own business, and it gives me the chance to express my creativity, innovation and also give value to the community. It is also motivating to be able to build a solid financial future for me and my family. 

What inspires you?
– The opportunity to make a difference, to be an example to my daughter and to be the best leader I can be to help my team reach their dreams.

Why are you passionate about beauty?
– Beauty is part of who we are, and there is beauty all around us. Beauty reflects your inner self and helps you see beautiful aspects of everyone else. Taking care of yourself is important, so that you can both look and feel great. 


My favourite beauty routine...

I take a long shower every day.

I wash my face with a cleanser and apply toner, a time-reversing serum, then day cream or night cream (and extra sunscreen if required).

For everyday makeup, I use a corrector kit, then an anti-ageing makeup (or BB cream if I’m in a hurry), neutral-coloured eyeshadows and eyeliner. To finish the perfect look, I love using an eyebrow kit and bronzing powder.

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