Meet The Makeup Pro

Being new in the makeup artist industry is not easy, but Sandra Karlsson decided to leave her comfort zone to become a freelancing makeup artist and make a living out of her passion. We had a chat with her about daily experiences from the industry and also got her best makeup tips.

What made you realize that you wanted to become a makeup artist?
When I was young I used to draw faces and instead of putting pictures on my wall I used to put pages from fashion magazines. However, it took me some time before I made the decision to become a makeup artist since I didn’t realize I could make a living out of it.

What is the best part of your work?
To meet so many interesting and creative people – most of the jobs I do take place in environments filled with action! One of the most developing projects I have been involved in so far was a film starring Ola Rapace, I’m really looking forward to the release in 2015.

What is your personal favourite look?
I wear very light makeup, with a moisturizing base, brushed eyebrows and some blush to get that natural look. I also like smokey eyes, it looks good on most people and works well both day- and night time when you combine them with natural eyebrows and a flawless “barely there” base.

What is the most common question about makeup you receive at work?
Smokey eyes are something most people seem to want to succeed with, but often give up on. When you apply a dark eye shadow it can easily look messy, the trick is to not add all colour at once but instead build up the intensity and smudge the edges.


Are there any common makeup mistakes you see that people tend to make?
The biggest mistake is that many take makeup too seriously! It’s only makeup and if you feel like going to work with bright orange lips – do it. I often see women wearing the wrong colour on their foundation, but that is easy to avoid. Go to a makeup store and ask them for advice, they are there to help you.

Share your best makeup tips with us!
Blush! It will benefit any tired and pale face. Another tip is to have your favourite foundation in two shades; one in the darkest colour you need during the summer, and one in the lightest you need for the winter. Throughout the year you can then blend these two and create the perfect colour. Also, don’t forget good skincare - no makeup looks good on skin that is not well taken care of.

Words by: Photographs by: Joakim Eriksson & Eric Gustafsson