Liberty London Girl Blogger: Sasha Wilkins

We enjoyed a chat with London’s foremost lifestyle blogger about smoky eyes, secret hair weapons, and ‘pinch-me’ moments on the front row of fashion shows.

Sasha Wilkins’ blog, LibertyLondonGirl, has won more awards than anyone can count and was labelled “une bible” by Vogue Paris. Together with the updates on Sasha’s popular Twitter and Pinterest feeds, it reaches hundreds of thousands of readers every day. No wonder really – every day LLG (as insiders call it) delivers inspirational adventures in beauty and style, travel to hot destinations, access to VIP events and mouth-watering home-cooked meals. 


Why do you think people love LLG so much?
– I hope that it’s the honesty and the integrity behind it. What you see really is me, my life, my world… I’m lucky to have extraordinary access to wonderful things and places, but I also talk about the lows, and what happens when I’m not on a plane, at a fashion show, or doing something exciting.

Your hair always looks fabulous in the pictures; how do you do it?
– I use a serum on my hair just before I blow-dry it – that’s my secret hair weapon! A really good hairbrush is key too: hair should be brushed regularly throughout the day if it’s long like mine, otherwise it looks like a birds nest within about five minutes.

What’s your makeup routine like?
– It used to be very, very minimal, because I had no idea what I was doing. But I’ve spent more time learning about processes and I’m also a bit older now – which means you need a little more help – so I put more effort into it. I never leave the house without a base (I have rosacea so my skin needs toning down), lipstick and eyeliner.


Any new additions for this season?
– I’m always really excited about new innovations in skin care; the R&D is so good these days that the right cream really can make a substantial difference. I’ve been sent some wonderful coloured eyeliners recently, and they feel really modern. For a party, I’ve recently discovered the joy of a high-pigment grey eyeshadow blended all over the lid; it’s the best way for a blonde to get a smoky eye.

What’s the most amazing thing that’s happened in your life thanks to LLG?
– There have definitely been some ‘pinch-me’ moments. Even as a fashion director I didn’t go to couture, so to be sitting in Chanel, Valentino and Elie Saab is always wonderful. Signing my first book deal was pretty incredible too: my first cookbook comes out in the UK this autumn.

Words by: Photographs by: Sasha Wilkins blog