Digital Tips From 7 Oriflame India Leaders

Wondering how to become a digital success? We asked out 7 digital leaders from Oriflame India to share their best advice on how to successfully build their Oriflame Business Online.

“While building your Oriflame business through digital media, it is important to create a complete online system for yourself. I prospect using social media, website helps me to recruit, webinars and chat apps help me to effectively manage communication and train people my network. It’s important for you too to have an online system for your Oriflame business to succeed and grow fast.”
- Priyanka Bhatia from Delhi

“People don’t come to social media to buy products, instead they seek fun, engaging and inspiring content. Social media is a best platform to attract people towards your lifestyle and business opportunity. So, our best tip is to give people a glimpse of your fun moments, business events, travel and your passion to empower others. Use communication apps and webinar tools to keep your network engaged and motivated.”
- Purvi & Pritesh Shah from Ahmedabad

“I just want to say that ‘Be Yourself’. Show your best and witty side to people and they get attracted to it. The quality and engaging content you post on daily basis helps you to establish your personal brand and people start recognising you. Keep it simple, excellent quality pictures and short engaging videos do the trick. Also, be very fun & cordial while talking to people, it works like a charm.”
- Camelia Chaudhary from Kolkata

“Textual posts are a passé, people on social media want good pictures and splendid video content. Choose from the plethora of photo and video editing apps to make your content interesting, visually appealing and emotionally captivating. Engage with all the people who reach out to you via comments and messages.” 
- Anuradha Rao from Mumbai

“Never underestimate the power of listening and actively engaging with prospects on social media. You can produce appropriate content and get lots of attention but if you’re not there to value and appreciate the efforts of people, reply to their questions, you have already lost the game. Be active, daily.” 
- Leela Boominathan from Coimbatore

“No matter what you do, discipline and schedule is very important. My best tip to succeed on social media is having a properly set schedule and content calendar for all my posts. The planning makes things very convenient, it helps me to better frame my posts and get better results.” 
- Nandini Kishan from Delhi

“The first tip is to know which social media platform to start from, because each medium has its own dynamics and audience. Once you choose the platform, then you need to come up with a proper content plan to engage people in your community. Use chat apps and other online tools to engage people in your network, it saves you a lot of time and helps you to create an online system for yourself.” 
- Vivek & Manisha from Lucknow