4 Young Digital Leaders Share Tips to Boost Your Oriflame Business

We asked 4 young digital leaders from Oriflame India to share their advice on how to successfully promote their Oriflame Business Online.

Vinali Kodwani - Vadodara

With more and more people spending time on internet, digital is no more choice but a necessity, so we need to promote our Oriflame business where most of our potential prospects are. While talking about Oriflame products, don’t clutter your social media with huge discounts and offers, rather talk about the product utilities, benefits and use very attractive pictures to inspire your followers.  Share your stories and personal experiences to the world as people aren’t always interested in knowing about products or the opportunity. My primary prospecting tool is Instagram and I believe in having a proper content plan for your daily posts and engage your community through exciting content, contests and giveaways. I am currently building my digital brand ‘The Bustlingbuzz’ through visually attractive content talking about Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Travel and other perks of being an Oriflamian.  I also make sure to make the most of Instagram Stories, IGTV and boost my visibility through an appropriate set of Hashtags for my Instagram posts. 

Dhana Aharshini, Coimbatore

One should be present and speak where the audience is, and I believe internet is the best place to talk about the Oriflame opportunity. With people spending most of the time Online, it's one of important channels to show the Oriflame Opportunity and the kind of lifestyle it offers. To succeed through Digital, I insist to be active on the social media, actively engage with the people, build relationships and eventually your personal brand. I recommend starting from the Facebook because of its huge userbase, interestingly 95% of my recruits come through Facebook only. Other than posting engaging content try networking in various Facebook groups and find potential prospects for your Oriflame Business. It’s important to use a Webinar tool to conduct opportunity meetings and trainings. To succeed through digital, try to create an Online System for your Oriflame business and inspire people by giving them a glimpse into your lifestyle. 

Nitin Chauhan, New Delhi

People come on social media to seek quality and useful content. To promote my Oriflame Business, I primarily use Instagram for prospecting and post high utility content and great quality pictures. I know my target audience, so I write my captions accordingly and try to weave certain kind of emotion or call-to-action in my posts, it yields me even greater engagement. Digital is continuously evolving so I make sure I make the best of latest tools and technologies like Webinar feature in Facebook Live or IGTV to showcase my product and opportunity specific videos on Instagram. 

Just like an Offline System for your Oriflame Business, Online work needs a set of tools and a planned approach to publish and promote your content. Once you have quality leads contacting you, make sure you maintain data of all your leads, contact them immediately and host an opportunity meeting via a good Webinar tool. Have readymade calling and chat templates to save yourself a great deal of time and efficiently use chat apps to stay in touch with your new recruits and your network 

Aishwarya Radhani, Ahmedabad

My success ladder with Oriflame opportunity started as a consultant at a pretty age of 19 years within a short span of 8 months to the level of Sr. Manager, next to the Director level at 22 years only. For me digital is all about ‘BEING YOU’. Be yourself and let the world know about your dreams, aspirations and passion through great and stunning visual content.  The quality content I post on Instagram & Facebook gives me quality leads, posting fun & engaging Stories, going Live is new way to get attention from followers on daily basis. I invest wisely in selected boost posts for better outreach and engagement. I conduct my Opportunity Meetings and Trainings via Webinars. WhatsApp helps me to communicate within my network and convert potential prospects. Undoubtedly the possibilities with digital are endless and we need to put our best foot forward there.