Chloe Lloyd – The Model’s Top Beauty Tips

We chatted up 21-year old model Chloe Lloyd of Storm Model Management behind the scenes of our tutorial video shoot in London. Find out how this pro keeps her skin and hair in good condition and where she gets her makeup inspiration.

How did you become a model?
I first got scouted when I was really young but back then I didn’t really want to do it.

Then at 16, my mom entered me in to a competition without telling me. I ended up winning the whole thing and the prize was a High Street campaign. I used those pictures to join an agency. When I was 18 I started modelling full time.

What’s the modeling profession like?
I love it! I get to travel the world and meet lots of people. It’s so much fun!

You mentioned travelling, what are your best beauty tips for travelling?
I use so much moisturizer; because I have dry skin as it is. When I go on long flights I never wear makeup and I wear a moisturizing mask. I may look like a freak but I don’t care because I have to do that for my skin not to dry out!


Chloe on her:

Can’t live without products:
Foundation, concealer and my hairbrush – my hair always gets so knotted up because of all the styling in my job, so it’s a must for me.

Off duty makeup style:
When I go out I like to do my own makeup inspired by all of the makeup artists I get to work with. If I’m at a shoot and I get a beauty look I like I usually try it at home and do it my own way. That’s fun. My favorite look right now is a bold lip. I also like the smoky eye look.

Hair care tips:
My hair is really dry from all of the hair styling I get on shoots so I use hair oil and hair masks a lot, which really helps!

Off-duty fashion style:
I like quite plain stuff but then I always spice it up with something really weird. I’m always drawn to the craziest things in the shop that no one else wants to buy and then I wear it once and never again! Weird shoes or a popping jacket paired with a plain top and trousers is typical me.

Exercise regimen:
I walk around all the time when I do castings so that’s good I guess. But other than that I am actually really bad. I don’t work out. I need to start going, I’m such a bad role model!

I eat well. But I’m also naturally slim. Junk food is bad for your skin though so I am careful. Luckily I like really healthy food!

Looking forward to:
The summer holidays! My mom and I are going to Portugal!

Her best summer beauty tip:
Use an SPF spray for your skin so it doesn’t get damaged in the sun.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team