Jadyn Robinson – Earth child

Meet the stunning beauty Jadyn Robinson, the model in our latest summer beauty shoot set in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hi Jadyn, how was the shoot today? We did both a swim and a spring trend story today.
– It has been a fantastic day, very fun!

Which one was your favourite look?
– The safari look, with the shorts and the little jacket with the hat that was part of the spring trends shoot.

What’s your regular beauty routine like?
­– I’m very natural as a person. I don’t wear too much makeup or do too much to my hair when not working. But I try not to wash my hair every day and I go for a hair treatment every month here in South Africa. It’s a very intense conditioning treatment so that I give my hair as much love as possible.


How did you become a model?
­– Funnily enough I actually started looking after a photographer’s child. He started taking photos of me, and introduced me to a lot of people. From there I got an agent. I was 16 back then, but I started professionally at about 17.

What do you like the most about modelling?
­– Travelling, definitely. Seeing the world and meeting new people. This year I was in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, oh and Iceland, which was amazing. Last year I was in New York, Miami and Taiwan.

Do you have a favourite place?
– I don’t think I’ve been there yet. I don’t like only being in a city; I definitely need nature. I like the idea of an escape. Coming from Cape Town it drives me crazy not to be around nature.

How do you dress when you’re off duty?
– Very hippie, long skirts, tie-dye, as free as I can possibly be. Not like a model.

Do you have any makeup tips?
Just don’t overdo it. That’s my tip.

What do you want to do when you’re done with the modelling profession?
I ultimately want to become a Montessori kindergarten teacher. I’ve got to go back to school for that. For the moment I’m planning to go back and study aromatherapy while still modelling.



From: South Africa
I eat what I want!
Can’t-live-without products:
Concealer. Other than that it’s very simple for me.
I do yoga, and lots of walking back and forth from castings! I also surf, though I can’t do any tricks.

Words by: Photographs by: : James Meakin