Josefine Åberg is the inspiringly successful Swedish designer and design director at Adidas Originals. Our Global Head of Editorial Anna Blom met the designer at a dinner during Fashion Week in New York to gain insight into her stunning beauty look.

What inspires you?
Inspiration is everywhere. The question is how to look at things and how committed you are to ideas and objects in the world.

What is beauty to you?
If you Google the word "beauty" it is described as "a characteristic of a person, an animal, a place, an object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction." And I think that statement is consistent with my belief about what beauty is.

Tell us about your beauty routine.
I try to go to the gym or go for a run before I go to work. Before exercise, I only use a mild facial soap. After my workout I use a mildly scented shower gel and for my hair I select a volume-building shampoo. I always put a little dab of conditioner on the ends without rinsing it off. I learned the trick from my mother who is a hairdresser.

After showering, I use an eye cream to protect the thin skin around the eyes, and then a rich moisturizer. For the body, I choose a lotion that lifts and builds up the skin's texture. In the evening I wash my face with a cleanser soap and dab it with a mild toner. Finally, I end with a soothing night cream that moisturizes, and an eye cream.

Are there any products you can’t do without?
I could never do without eye cream or deodorant. I am paranoid about smelling of sweat.

How important is makeup to you?
For me, it's always important to look healthy. My makeup varies all the time depending on what day it is and where I am in the world. During the week I use a fresh makeup: mascara, a correcting concealer or a mineral powder and an "all over the face colour" that I sweep over the cheekbones.

If I want to create a festive feeling, I put on a light foundation powder, highlight my eyes with an eyeliner and complete the look with an "all over the face colour" and a mascara.

If the fall of 2013 were an eye shadow what colour would it be?
Black - always neat!


Facts Josefine Åberg

Occupation: Design Director, Adidas Originals.
Age: 39. Lives : Nuremberg, Germany.
Family: Partner.
Make time on a casual Sunday: I'd rather not have too many plans for a free Sunday rather taking each day as it comes.
Best beauty advice: Drink lots of water and make sure you are on the go.
Favourite City: I love Hong Kong but probably a mix between Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
The vacation I prefer: Indonesia and Zanzibar.
Where do you shop when you go out there? All over - I am a nomad and like to wander.

Words by: Photographs by: Paul Wetherell