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Wellness Success Stories

Wellness by Oriflame is all about people. Their dreams, their passion, their well-being and their future development. That’s why we are proud to present to you a collection of real stories of Wellness leaders who are sharing their own wonderful and inspiring journey with Oriflame.

These are people who have made a difference, not only to their own lives, but in lives of many others. They are a real proof that with Wellness by Oriflame gives you have the opportunity to change your life for better. We hope that these stories will encourage not only those of you who are a part of Wellness movement today, but also those who are considering joining our team, to never stop dreaming because dreams can and do come true.


Senior Gold Director, Delhi


"Wellness gives me opportunity to change people's lives"

Oriflame has made my dreams come true. 

The reason behind my success is online, Wellness and hard work of my entire team. Why to invest your time and energy in Wellness? Simple. Because it’s a “win win” choice. Today each and every person wants to live a healthy life and high-quality Wellness products and programs provide us with a healthy balanced diet. On top of that together with high BP value and high immediate profit, Wellness products help you to increase your earnings, grow fast in Success Plan and gain confidence for future development. 

For the past 3 years me and my team work around the clock, take no holidays, wake up at 5 am to have health check-ups with prospect in a park and follow up with every single client. We experience both ups and downs in the business but our dedication, trust in the company and world class quality products brought us tremendous success, helped us to gain respect and to fulfil our dreams. 

I believe that success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up. If dream and goals are very strong, obstacles and failures cannot stop you. Work becomes a motivation itself. 

What I have already achieved thanks to Wellness is countless recognitions, participation in Directors Seminars, foreign conferences in Mediterranean Cruise and France, several Cash Awards and countless bonuses. Now I feel very confident about the future and I will start a Diamond Director title this year.

It is extremely important to me to be financially independent and have the confidence to manage my own expenses. Oriflame gives me opportunity to change peoples lives which is the most beautiful mission of the company. 


Gold Director, Delhi


"With Wellness you can grow fast…"

I joined Oriflame in August 2015, but I have started actively building business with Wellness in August 2016 when I have placed my first order. 

Before Oriflame I was working night shifts in multinational company in Noida. I was working 9 hours per day and spending 4 hours for commuting. Earning maximum 11,900 INR salary including incentives.  

Now when I decided to work with Wellness I work around the clock but I know I can grow very fast.
Me and my team enjoy working with Wellness every day. We don’t run to sell the products. We always keep in mind that we actually change people’s lives together with Wellness. Thanks to this approach we don’t face any major issues of building business with this category and all small product related obstacles we sort out thanks to the Product Guide.

Already till now, in only 2 years I have achieved
Gold Director tittle with 1,00,000 Cash Award, Gold Conference in Sweden ticket, 3 Tickets of Director's Seminar Goa, 2 Tickets of Director's Seminar Hyderabad, 2 Tickets of Manager's Seminar 2018 2 Tickets of Manager's Seminar 2017, 3 Cash Awards, Rs 50,000 Director, Rs 75,000 Sr. Director only thanks to Wellness!

Now my target and future dream is to become a Diamond Director!


Director, Mumbai 


“Wellness provides excellent opportunity for career growth…”

The moment I have started working with Wellness my growth pattern increased. Wellness is a fantastic category to focus on because it gives you an opportunity for career growth in terms of financial independence.

Wellness products offer a wide range of high quality natural products which motivate us to be healthy and energetic. Thanks to all that I spend my days on coordinating with my team members and doing thorough follow up with Wellness customers every day and my free time on coming up with innovative and creative ideas which can enhance my skills and help to add value to my Oriflame business.
Everyone who wants to start building business with Wellness should remember that Wellness provides opportunity to help people to live long, happy and healthy. It requires a lot of dedication, true passion and consistency – talking to min. 3 people every day – to succeed!

Everything I have achieved so far in Oriflame I owe to Wellness. But it’s only the beginning. I want to promote Wellness products all over India which will help company to grow. And if the company grows…then we will also grow. I want to learn new things, help other to travel the world, become more productive and earn money to fulfil all my dreams.


Director, Mumbai


“I gained financial security and pride of my parents”

I have started my Oriflame journey with Wellness category from the very beginning. Wellness was the first thing I was truly passionate about in my life. 

Wellness is a perfect tool to develop your business because it answers to basic, daily need of every person who wants to become and stay healthy physically or mentally. At the beginning I could of course see quite a few obstacles in promoting the products, such as lack of knowledge, lack of marketing experience or price barrier for my customers. However, by improving my skills, gained deeper knowledge and my customers started seeing results, all those obstacles were turned into my power. To succeed in Wellness one needs to understand it properly. If you only intend to “sell” you can’t be a perfect Wellness advisor. I always depend on customers individual needs and look for new ideas how to motivate my downlines and grow my business.

Now, thanks to Wellness, I have fulfilled my dream of success. I gained financial security and pride of my parents. I know that thanks to the guidance of my mentors, common efforts of my team members and support of my parents I will develop further. My dream and goal is to become a Diamond Director as soon as possible and to have opportunity to travel entire world.


Director, Aizawl


“Sharing multiple benefits of Wellness products is the number one success factor”

I have been a Consultant for many years before I started working with Wellness. My husband was the only provider for our family and I never got a real income from working with Oriflame. I had a little tailoring business, my life was stressful, boring and chaotic. My husband started having health problems and I knew I need to change something.

I came to realize that the quality of Wellness supplements is much better than what we get in the market. I knew that in order to succeed not only need I get a detailed product knowledge but also to advise people to try the products by themselves to experience wonderful benefits. In that way they will be more confident in promoting Wellness. Now I focus on sharing my own story and story of my family. Focusing ultiple benefits that Wellness products give us when consumed regularly. That’s the most effective success factor. During every meeting with my network and when approaching new Consultants I explain the profits that come together with Wellness sales, I focus on high BP value and additional immediate benefits such as Welcome Program, Business Class and Super Business Class. I promote Wellness products and business opportunity that comes with them whenever and wherever I can. In home meetings, social events, while travelling. Even when I don’t have any official meeting or agenda I carry the Omron scale with me wherever its possible.

With Wellness I have achieved Director title. Now I want to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family and with extra Wellness energy reach w new Gold Director level in nearest future. 


Senior Director, Chandigarh


“Wellness gives me a stable income”

I have joined Oriflame in May 2012 but started to build my business with Wellness in mid-2016. Before I introduced Wellness into my business I used to spend my days on meeting new people or attending and holding trainings and meetings. I felt that by the end of the day my energy was completely drained out.

I decided to shift my focus into Wellness because these days taking extra care of your health is everyone’s priority. What’s more selling Wellness is beneficial, in terms of Business Points as with the Health Set, we’re able to generate 95 BP in one order. To start working with the category I had to get the complete product knowledge and start using the products myself. Once you’ll start consuming it, you’ll be far more confident to train others. My success lies in product knowledge, using health check-ups with Omron scale and promoting all 4 cornerstones of Wellness. Even if I face a challenge with repeat orders I immediately overcome them with taking follow up with customers the very second day after ordering.

Now, I Spend my day having fun with my downlines and family. And I even have time and energy for hopping during free time.

I set as my ultimate personal goal to make a #BeautifulChange in other peoples lives. I dream of my own house in Chandigarh for myself and for my family and professionally I want to become a successful entrepreneur. Wellness gives me a stable income. Now I feel energetic, focused & always ready to give my 100%.


Director, Coimbatore


“Wellness products did wonders to my body”

My journey with Wellness by Oriflame started with love for products. My mom introduced a daily routine of taking Nutrishake and Omega 3 in our house as soon as they were launched in India. Before that I had several health issues, I was gaining weight, was lacking exercising and had unhealthy eating habits. With Wellness I have changed my lifestyle. I feel great, I have more energy, my skin, hair and nails are stronger and I have improved my overall wellbeing which I am grateful for.

Together with Wellness I have achieved a Director title while still being in college.  In the morning I go to school and in the afternoon, I work online. I use social media to attract leads. I hold online webinars to recruit and train my network. All my free time I dedicate to my business where I can enjoy both learning and earning. I am now confident that I can secure my future and retirement when my generation will start searching for jobs.

I have personally experienced the results of Wellness products. Health is something that people are most concerned about in Tamil Nadu. It is easy for me and my team to talk about health benefits of our products. I learned how to overcome obstacles such as tough competition and reluctant customers by gaining knowledge, thorough follow ups with customers and sharing testimonials.

I want to help people lead a healthy life. Professionally, my plan is to reach the Wellness TOP15 and in future a Diamond title together with Wellness. I dream of travelling the world, financial freedom, recognitions and helping my team to achieve the same.


Director, Uttarakhand


“Have patience and never give up”

My life before joining Oriflame was not satisfactory at all. I was struggling with what to do with my future. I felt like a boat in the middle of an ocean, not knowing in what direction to go to reach the shore.

Wellness by Oriflame offered me a platform where I could lift myself up from that old life into more prestigious one and change to a lifestyle that I could only dream of. When I became an Oriflame Director I found my own identity, fulfilled some of my dreams and gained completely new dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Wellness is a great category to work with. These days everyone is concerned about their health but they don’t have time or knowledge to take care of it. With Wellness you can run your business both online and offline, share knowledge and together with high BP of the products, grow fast. The most important factors of Wellness success are knowledge, observation of the market and coming up with innovative solutions for sale. If me and my team are struggling, we work together on solutions and come up with new ways of doing business. We look for new clients in gyms, offices and any other places that can bring us growth.

My advice to people who want to fulfil their dreams with Wellness is to have patience and never give up. Gain as much knowledge and support from your upline as possible and always work for results. Make the most out of everything you learn in Oriflame by implementing it immediately. Oriflame will always support those who want to succeed as a Leader so never let your team to lose confidence or focus.