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Nature’s powerful antioxidant! Derived from Algae found in the Stockholm archipelago and known as the king of antioxidants. Its uniquely protective system reduces inflammation and improves blood lipids, cholesterol levels, cognition and vision.


How does Astaxanthin work on the human body?
Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble, natural antioxidant. Thanks to its chemical structure it reaches all parts of the body and spans the cell membrane layers, protecting the cells from the inside and out. This is in contrast to other antioxidants, for example vitamin C, that stays on the outside of the cell, and betacarotene, that ends up in the cell membrane.

Some astaxanthin products on the market contain synthetic astaxanthin instead of natural. It is widely regarded that natural astaxanthin is a better alternative than synthetic, not the least because the synthetic astaxanthin has not been tested for safety in humans.

Benefits of Astaxanthin