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Sustainable beauty you can believe in

Whether we’re developing a vegan beauty range or using 100% renewable electricity at our own climate-neutral manufacturing sites, you can rest assured that sustainability is always part and parcel of the beauty products you know and love. We’re continuously improving upon our sustainability efforts, striving to create beauty that’s better for you, and our planet.

Biodegradable beauty

Popular rinse-offs in our Love Nature, Beautanicals and Discover ranges are already biodegradable now. By 2025, our ambition is for our entire range of new face and body rinse-off products to be biodegradable.

100% natural exfoliants only

No plastic microbeads, just natural origin exfoliants such as almond shells, fruit seeds and olive stones. Better for you, better for our oceans!

Responsible ingredients

All our beauty ingredients undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are responsibly and ethically sourced, safe to use and of high quality.

We plant and protect 6 million trees each year

We take part in forest protection and reforestation projects all over the world – from India and Indonesia to China and Mexico.

Better plastics

We are working hard to increase the recycled content in all our packaging, including our plastics. Our popular Love Nature range comes in 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastics) and our Beautanicals range comes in 100% PCR plastic bottles.

99% FSC™-certified or recycled cardboard packaging

Unbox your beauty products knowing they’re packed in forest-friendly cardboard from FSC™-certified sources or recycled materials.

Zero waste to landfill

Our own manufacturing sites have reduced landfill waste to zero.

48% less CO₂ in 10 years

We’ve saved over 38,000 tCO₂e – the CO₂ equivalent of 3.6 billion smartphones charging. Minimising our CO₂ emissions is an ongoing priority for us.

100% renewable electricity

Keeping our CO₂ emissions down by using green electricity in all our factories and operations.

Water-smart beauty

Our factories have reduced their water use per product unit by 18% since 2015.

Climate neutral

Our own manufacturing and operation sites are climate neutral, thanks to several emission reduction and climate-compensation activities, as are all Oriflame Global events and conferences.