Royal Velvet Skin Care set
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Royal Velvet

Royal Velvet Skin Care set

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The set includes: Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toner, Firming Day Cream, Repairing Night Cream, Firming Eye Contour Cream and Ultra Firming Capsules. Restore the youthful appearance of your skin with Black Iris Infusion to reinforce your skin's structure, tone, hydration and elasticity. 6 pcs.

STEP 1: Cleanse & Tone

  1. Start off by cleansing to removes impurities, excess oil, and allow for subsequent products to penetrate deeper and deliver better results.
  2. Next apply toner to remove final traces of make-up, tighten the skin to reduce pore appearance, while soothing and balancing.

STEP 2: Eyes

For the delicate skin area around the eyes use a lightly textured eye cream to help reduce signs of ageing.

STEP 3: Boost

Boost your skincare routine using a serum or capsules from the same range. These concentrated and formulated products penetrate deeper into the skin for optimal results.

STEP 4: Moisturise

  1. Start off your day with a day cream to maintain skin balance, fight off signs of ageing and give yourself some sunscreen.
  2. At night when the skin is resting and is more receptive, it is best to use a richer and nourishing night cream.


A beautiful complete skin care routine for women 40+ focused on firming the skin. The luxurious Royal Velvet collection offers a rich and sensual formula infused with iris flower to firm, strengthen and intensely hydrate your skin.