Swedish Spa Wash MittSwedish Spa Wash Mitt
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Swedish Spa

Swedish Spa Wash Mitt

INR 599

Elegant, double-sided wash mitt for use in the shower or bath. One side has a honeycomb texture, for use on extra dry areas and the other side is smoother, for gentler exfoliation. Helps to leave your skin feeling softer as you cleanse.

Use together with products from the Swedish Spa range for a truly relaxing home-spa experience.

  1. Wet your wash mitt under the shower or in the bath.
  2. Apply a coin-sized drop of Swedish Spa Gentle Ripples Shower Oil to it.
  3. Massage all over in circular motions to exfoliate, cleanse and smooth.

Tip: Use the side with the honeycomb texture on areas that need more exfoliation and use the smoother side on more delicate skin.

The Swedish Spa collection offers a range of pampering treatments inspired by the four elements air, fire, earth, and water. With Hydracare+, a vitamin enriched formula that ensures an indulgent spa experience in the comfort of your own home.