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New era in digital communication at Oriflame Cosmetics

Oriflame Cosmetics reforms its global website in a pivotal move towards online service improvements for customers and consultants.

Oriflame Cosmetics, a leading beauty company selling direct, takes a significant next step in its online global communications strategy with the release of recently reformed website Many months of research, planning, design and development at the company’s Group Support Office in Stockholm, Sweden and with internal development teams in the Czech Republic and India, have resulted in a new strategy for the site’s overall design and functionality. The new site also incorporates mobile design elements and officially marks the start of Oriflame’s transition into an entirely mobile website. 

Michael Cervell, Senior Vice President Global Direct Sales at Oriflame Cosmetics, says, “Oriflame is built on the repeated successes of its global sales force, and the ability to continuously deliver exceptionally valued beauty and wellness products to its customers. Recent surveys indicated both groups desired a more tailored and inspirational online experience, and this paved the way for our new website. We are delighted to present the final results, including fundamental changes in overall design, functionality and content. These changes, along with the site’s increased mobility, define a new and much anticipated era for”

Oriflame’s digital catalogue- a key source of inspiration for consumers- has also been revamped. The updated catalogue’s design and improved user tools are expected to generate greater and more immediate engagement in Oriflame products, brands and special offers. 

In an effort to meet the growing online needs of its international sales teams, Oriflame has introduced new and more relevant marketing tools, up to date news sources, and a fresh design strategy that should provide a welcomed change to the look and feel of the sales force site.