Using ingredients well known for their stimulating properties, Emelie Coppermann and Alienor Massenet created a modern and captivating scent revolving around the Passion Flower Accord – our star ingredient that increases the power of attraction thanks to Chrysin, a testosterone boosting plant compound that is known to stimulate the senses. The Passion Flower is also famous for its incredibly striking appearance, its bewitching colors symbolic of the magnetic attraction between two people.


To ensure of the fragrance’s magnetic effects, Emilie and Alienor collaborated with neuroscientists to test the effects the final product had on men. The tests were conducted in three different ways – evaluating emotional responses, brain activity and eye tracking. All the testing results were positive and undeniable. It was proven by neuroscience to trigger emotions, make an impact and increase your attraction power on men – Magnetista is proven to attract! A modern and truly captivating scent that leaves you irresistible to men, and ensures you win the attraction game.

your truly capivating scent