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90 Days Plan to be Successful with Oriflame

Psychologists say that in a business First 90 Days are most crucial to get success and stay motivated

Welcome to the World Of Oriflame!

Come & Discover A Beautiful Opportunity.

We all have dreams, we all have passion.Our mission is to fulfill dreams and that’s why we say With Us Its’ about You!

Psychologists say that in a business: First 90 Days are most crucial to get success and stay motivated so bringing to you 90 Days Plan To Be Successful With Oriflame.

90 days are required to see the results of our Product & Look Great, to receive Earnings & Exploring Unlimited Income from our Success Plan. At the same time

90 days to start Having Fun & Understanding the Ease of doing Business. 4 Pre-requisites to stay on the right track are Communication, Training, Tools & The Right Action that leads you to Great Rewards!

Lets have a look.

Once you complete 90 Days Plan to be successful with Oriflame:

  • You would have seen the results of our amazing products
  • You would have received the earnings from Success Plan
  • You would have seen how easy & fun it is to start a business with your team


By The end of 90 days visualize a younger, fitter, wealthier & a happier You...

You would also be fully equipped with:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Success Plan Know how
  • Calling 3 people everyday
  • Recruiting a Monthly habit
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Attending all meetings of Company and Leaders
  • Following SARPIO System


Your next steps to success will be:

  • Grow & Build Your Network further
  • Follow Your Upline
  • Contact Your Branch For Any Assistance 
  • Contact Your ASM For Support

Duplicate your success & motivate your new consultants to reap the benefits of this program!