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Here at Oriflame, we continually work towards creating better opportunities and futuristic business tools for you.ORIScan is one such initiative to enable you with enhanced digital experience and empower you with the ease of doing business fr om anywhere you want. So let’s just get back to making money, breaking records and fulfi lling dreams! This month’s catalogue is inspired by the tropical heat and sizzling vibes of the Caribbean Islands. We have put together the most exotic look for the season and all that you need to create the look. You’ll fi nd plenty of inspiration on the next pages. The best of summer beauty and fashion to make every day feel like a beach holiday!

Dear Oriflame Friends and Partners!

I have just come back from the Global leadership Council and it was an amazing experience where we interacted with Top Leaders of Oriflame  and when you hear their success stories it is all about dreaming , working hard and having a passion to do Oriflame.

The fundamental of Oriflame business is recruitment, now is the right to time go out and recruit like never before with this super elegant  Royal Blue Collection, you have all the right reasons to do so you can use the new Opportunity Communication material  you have the  Presentation, Flip Cart and Videos in both English and Hindi and to support the entire month of July, exciting City Tours are happening all across India. So see you there!

All the Best!