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Important information about your personal data

Dear Brand Partner, 

We are writing to let you know about an incident that may involve your personal information.

Respect for your privacy and the protection of our community with Brand Partners’ personal data is the highest priority for Oriflame. We regret to inform you that we at Oriflame have suffered cyber-attacks with criminal intent with unauthorised access to our information systems. 

The events took place on 31 July and 01 August 2021 and resulted in unlawful access to the personal data of some Brand Partners across several markets, such as copies of identification documents submitted to Oriflame during the registration process This does not include any details relating to credit/debit card (Oriflame does not store this data), current/past orders, or user passwords, and commercial operations are not affected. 

When the unauthorised access occurred, Oriflame alerted relevant authorities and the competent police department in Switzerland, where Oriflame has its corporate headquarters. We took immediate action to reinforce existing security measures and are currently investigating the incident with support from external partners and law enforcement agencies. 

We may contact you directly if our investigation shows that other data than listed above has been affected.

We encourage you to take the following precautionary measures  

The security of your personal data is Oriflame’s absolute priority and, together with the support of law enforcement agencies and external partners, we will do everything we can to facilitate the investigation, ensure that those responsible are held fully accountable and protect our Oriflame community.

There is no impact on your Oriflame account, orders or billing as a result of this unauthorised access and you may continue your commercial operations as normal. 

Should you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Service.

Kind regards,

Management of Oriflame India