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Oriflame Gift Cards

Terms and Conditions Applicable to Gift Cards

  1. Oriflame Gift Cards ("Gift Cards") are being sold by Oriflame India Private Limited (“Oriflame”) at its select service centres & branches. These Gift Cards are printed by Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd. which is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of India.
  2. The Gift Card shall only be purchased and redeemed at the Oriflame service centres & branches by the consultants and VIP customers (“Cardholder”), and not online.
  3. The Gift Cards will be issued in the following denominations being INR 250, 500, 1000 & 2000. 
  4. The Gift Card may be purchased through debit or credit card or cash or internal guarantee credit/personal credit mechanism.
  5. The validity period of the Gift Cards will be 9 months from the date of activation/loading.
  6. The Gift Card is redeemable for products available at the Oriflame website only.
  7. The Gift Card is transferable but cannot be resold. 
  8. The Gift Card may be redeemable on self-ordering or gifting.
  9. The Gift Card is not redeemable for cash or credit. 
  10. If the Gift Card is lost or stolen, neither will a new Card be issued nor will the value of the Card be reimbursed in any manner. 
  11. No duplicate Gift Card will be issued to the Cardholder. 
  12. Multiple Gift Cards can be redeemed in a single purchase transaction. 
  13. The Cardholder can redeem the Gift Card towards the purchase of the products by using the entire value/amount in the Card or by using the Gift Card amount partially as she/he wishes in combination with other available payment options. 
  14. If the Gift Card value is more than the value of the total purchase, the Cardholder after redemption can use the remaining amount in the Card on the next purchase. 
  15. If the Cardholder returns an item purchased with a Gift Card, he/she will receive the value of the returned item in the pre-paid account maintained with Oriflame. 
  16. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged. 
  17. Direct selling benefits will be received by consultants on redemption of the Gift Cards (towards purchase of goods) as per the policies of Oriflame, in the same manner as being received presently. 
  18. Once the Gift Card is purchased, the Gift Card cannot be returned or cancelled. However, if the Gift Card does not get delivered after purchase for no lapse or fault of Oriflame, then the amount paid towards the purchase of the Gift Card will be transferred to Cardholder’s pre-paid account. 
  19. Unused amount in Gift Card shall lapse after expiry. 
  20. Oriflame reserves the right to amend/modify any of these terms and conditions governing the Gift Cards purchased by the Cardholder, with prior intimation/communication of the same by Oriflame. 
  21. Any dispute in connection with or arising out of these terms and conditions will be subject to the courts of New Delhi only. 
  22. For any balance enquiry and expiry details pertaining to the Gift Card, please send SMS OFBAL <16 digit card number> to 9880566213.