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Entrepreneurship & Dream Fulfillment Program 

For over 50 years Oriflame has empowered millions of people to fulfill their dreams. Our Entrepreneurship & Dream Fulfillment Program is exclusively for the students who defy conventions and instead of a fixed 9-5 jobs wish to pursue entrepreneurship and make a positive impact in their lives and people around them.





‘Work with complete freedom & flexibility. We provide you the set of digital tools and your own online store to do your business online. You get the right guidance, successful mentors, business trainings and excellent support to achieve your goals and be successful.’



‘Qualify for Oriflame’s dream conferences and travel for free. Stay at the best of places and enjoy superb recognitions for your business & achievements. Meet new people, enrich your life with the experiences and memories for lifetime’



'Look great with our exciting range of Beauty & Wellness products perfectly to suit your lifestyle. Make money from our rewarding Business Plan to fulfill all your dreams and have tremendous fun at our world class events & business conferences all around the world.'




Becoming a part of Oriflame’s ‘Entrepreneurial & Dream Fulfillment Program’ is very easy. Just fill the ‘Contact Form’ as below and you will get a confirmation email from us. Open the email and register under your preferred Business Leader. After successful registration, get exclusive trainings and mentoring to kickstart your business and grow on the Oriflame’s Business Plan.

Oriflame’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in India


New Year, New Oriflame, New You


Contact Form

  1. This Entrepreneurship & Dream Fulfilment Program (“Program”) is provided to you by Oriflame India Private Limited (“Oriflame”).
  2. Participation in this Program is voluntary & optional. Only persons of 18 years & above who are residents of India are eligible to participate.
  3. By choosing to participate in this Program, the participant hereby confirms that he/she has studied these detailed terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) and agrees to be bound by the same.
  4. This Program is valid from July 2021 unless extended or revoked at the sole discretion of Oriflame.
  5. Under this Program, Oriflame will conduct awareness & promotional events regarding its business with select students of certain universities in India. Interested students of such universities may approach Oriflame if they wish to join Oriflame as Brand Partners.
  6. If you are an interested student, you may fill up the above form to participate in this Program subject to these T&Cs.
  7. Oriflame may contact you through your provided details, to share more information of the Brand Partners who you can choose to provide you with additional trainings/ sessions regarding the Oriflame business.
  8. Post completion of such trainings/ sessions, at your sole discretion, you may choose to join Oriflame as Brand Partners (subject to additional terms and conditions) under the mentor Brand Partner.
  9. Nothing contained herein or any information in respect of the Program communicated by Oriflame shall be construed as an offer for employment with Oriflame, in any manner whatsoever.
  10. This Program is strictly for the students who are enrolled with the campuses/institutions/universities which have agreed to be a part of the Program with Oriflame as per their independent terms and conditions.
  11. Participants who join Oriflame as Brand Partners will be eligible for all the rewards and other benefits as per the Oriflame’s Success Plan and subject to applicable terms and conditions.
  12. Participants of this Program will not be eligible for any additional monetary compensation or other benefits except the trainings/ sessions as described under these T&Cs.
  13. [Any information you provide Oriflame in the above form or as provided as a part of this Program will be used for the execution of this Program and/ or for business communication purposes as per the terms of our Privacy Policy.]
  14. Any information provided to you by Oriflame or existing Brand Partners in relation to this Program and/ or the business of Oriflame shall be considered as Oriflame’s confidential information and should not be disclosed to any third party.
  15. Any benefit provided inadvertently or due to technical glitch will be recalled/adjusted/charged for, as per Oriflame’s discretion.
  16. Every person who desires to participate in this Program may do so pursuant to independent inquiry, investigation and analysis and shall not have any claim against Oriflame, its employees, associate companies, directors, representatives or vendors whatsoever by reason of any loss which may be suffered by such person consequent to or in connection with the Program whether by reason of anything stated or omitted to be stated herein.
  17. By participating in this Program, you consent to provide Oriflame and its group companies a right to use your name, image, voice, video and/or appearance which is embodied in any pictures, videos, audio etc. taken or made in relation to the Program or any content submitted by you to Oriflame in relation to the Program (“Your Materials”). Further, Oriflame and its group companies will have the right to and complete ownership of Your Materials & may use them for any purpose. You acknowledge and agree that you will not receive any compensation, etc. for Oriflame’s use of Your Material and you release and hold harmless, Oriflame and its group companies from any and all claims which arise out of or are connected to such use.
  18. For any questions in relation to this Program, please reach out to Oriflame at INEDP@ORIFLAME.COM.
  19. Oriflame reserves the right to amend or modify these T&Cs or withdraw or modify this Program at any time.
  20. These T&Cs shall be governed by Indian law and jurisdiction over any matters/ disputes in relation to the Program shall remain exclusively with courts at New Delhi.

  1. This Privacy Notice applies to collecting and processing of your personal data when you declare interest and/ or take the opportunity to join and participate in the Oriflame Entrepreneurship & Dream Fulfillment Program (“Program”).
  2. For the purpose of applicable data protection law, a data controller of your personal data collected with respect to the Program is Oriflame India Private Limited with registered office at M-10, Ground Floor, South Extension Part-II, New Delh-110049.
  3. Categories of personal data that may be collected and processed by us, purpose of processing and lawful basis for processing are described below:
    1. Contact data: your name, surname, email address, telephone number, city you live in. We collect this data from you when you express interest in joining the Program or complete a form on the website. We will use this data to communicate with you and provide you necessary information on the Program and Oriflame Business Plan opportunities.
    2. Personal information about you: age, name of the Institution/ University you are studying at and the subject. During the course of registration, we may also ask for your interests/ goals (“Dream”). Personal information about you will allow us to identify the Institution engaged in the Program and validate your right to join the Program as well as to understand your needs and further develop and better adjust the Program to participants’ dreams.
      The legal basis for data processing as described above is (1) a contractual need, i.e. taking steps at your request to take part in the Program (2) our legitimate interest to ensure proper Program management, monitoring and services’ improvement as well as promotion and business development. We may also process your personal data to investigate and handle any complaints received from you related to your participation in the Program.
    3. Images, pictures, audio & video recordings, chats content or any other content submitted by you. We may collect this category of data during the course of providing the Program services to you (online and/ or offline) or when submitted by you in relation to the Program. We will use this data to enable you communicate, actively participate and use the Program services, and afterwards to enable us report the trainings/ sessions and further publish on our websites, social media or any other communication channel. The legal basis for this data processing is (1) contractual need as described in the Program Terms & Conditions (2) your consent when you have the option to voluntarily submit the data (3) legitimate interest, i.e. to ensure proper administering of the Program services, promotion and business development.
  4. Providing your personal data to others:
    1. We may disclose your personal data to Brand Partners – Business Leaders participating in this Program to act as mentors, who you may opt for at your sole discretion to receive introductory trainings/ sessions regarding the Oriflame business from them. Post completion of such trainings/ sessions, at your sole discretion, you may choose to join Oriflame as a Brand Partner under the mentor Brand Partner – detailed information on how we process Brand Partners’ personal data you can find in the Brand Partners’ Privacy Notice.
    2. Third-party service providers, Oriflame group companies and/ or subcontractors located in India, EEA, USA insofar as reasonably necessary to execute the Program and provide to you the Program services as well as for the purpose of the group level analytics.
    3. You acknowledge that personal data described in point 3.c above (pictures, images, video etc.) may be worldwide available and published by Oriflame and/or Oriflame Brand Partner participating in the Program with the use of various channels: website, social media, WhatsApp or any other communication channel.
  5. Data retention: Oriflame and/ or Brand Partner participating in the Program may use and store your personal data for as long as you participate in the Program.
  6. Any other information on how Oriflame may process your personal data with respect to the Program and/ or any other services and products offered by Oriflame, as well as information on your rights in relation to processing your personal data by Oriflame, please see the Privacy Notice.