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Activity Loyalty Offer

Offer Period: 1st May to 30th June 2019

Place accumulated orders of Rs. 3000 in C5 and qualify for Sunset Scarf worth Rs. 1499 in C6 for Rs. 150 only. 

Get closer to nature and add colours of sustainability to your look with this bold, multi-coloured, multi-patterned Sunset Scarf, which is made from the eco-friendlier fabric. L190XW90cm

Code: 41740
MRP: Rs. 1499
OMRP: Rs. 150

What makes the Sunset Scarf sustainable?


At Oriflame, we're taking plastic bottles recycling one step further - into your closet. Let your personal expression shine with a good conscience.

Made from 30% REPREVE® polyester that's derived from recycled bottles, our Sunset Scarf is oh-so-wearable and sustainable. 

Unlike traditional oil-based polyester, recycled polyester is lightweight, stylish and environmentally responsible.

From pollution to fashion - we're aiming for a cleaner planet! Everyone can make a beautiful change with Oriflame. 

When you qualify for the Sunset Scarf in C5, you are eligible to qualify for the attractive Saffia Wallet in C6!

Place accumulated orders of Rs. 3000 in C6 and qualify for Saffia Wallet worth Rs. 1490 in C7 for Rs. 150 only.

Surprise yourself by the subtle, refreshing effect of this contemporary Saffia Wallet. Vibrant saffron-yellow contrasted with a charcoal-grey border & refreshing, pale blue interior instantly lifts your mood. L21xW2xH12cm

Code: 39988
MRP: Rs. 1490
OMRP: Rs. 150


  1. This Offer is valid for all Consultants only. Participation in this Offer is voluntary. By choosing to participate in this Offer, the participant hereby confirms that he/she has studied these detailed terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the same.
  2. The offer period for the Offer is from 1st May to 30th June 2019 (“Offer Period”).
  3. The participant shall be entitled to avail/receive the accessories shown in the Offer flyer namely:
    • STEP 1: ‘Sunset Scarf’ for a nominal amount of Rs.150 in C6, on placing an accumulated order of Rs.3000 during 1st to 31st May 2019 &
    • STEP 2: ‘Saffia Wallet’ for Rs.150 in C7, on placing an accumulated order of Rs.3000 during 1st to 30th June 2019.
  4. Step 2 is applicable only for Step 1 Qualifiers.
  5. The Offer is not valid in multiples.
  6. Oriflame reserves the right to substitute the aforesaid products- Sunset Scarf & Saffia Wallet with other Oriflame products of equal or higher value in the event these products are out of stock.
  7. The decision of Oriflame as to qualification of the participant to the Offer shall be final and binding.
  8. Each Offer shall be withdrawn immediately from the participant in case of any violation of Online Registration Form (previously called CAF, in case of Consultants) or Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, and such other communication as may be made by Oriflame from time to time.
  9. Any benefit provided inadvertently or due to technical glitch will be recalled/adjusted/charged for as per Oriflame’s discretion.
  10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Indian law and jurisdiction shall remain exclusively with courts at New Delhi.
  11. Every person who desires to avail the Offer may do so pursuant to independent inquiry, investigation and analysis and shall not have any claim against Oriflame, its employees, associate companies or vendors whatsoever by reason of any loss which may be suffered by such person consequent to or in connection with the Offer whether by reason of anything stated or omitted to be stated herein.
  12. In case any order is negated by a Consultant during the Offer Periods and during the first week of C7, 2019, such a Consultant shall not be considered for the purposes of Offer qualification.
  13. The image of Sunset Scarf and Saffia Wallet shown above are only illustrative in nature and actual color may vary.
  14. To avail the benefit, the qualifiers will have to select the benefit codes in the respective Offer section on website while placing an order online.
  15. For any clarifications that you need regarding this Offer, please contact the concerned ASM/Branch.
  16. Oriflame reserves the right to amend or modify the terms of the Offer mentioned herein after giving prior notice to you.