Editor's picks: A romantic gift for every budget

Although we all have our own definitions of “romance”, gift giving – big or small - is universally considered a heartfelt way to show your affection. If you’re looking for a present that says, “I care”, our Editor is here to offer some inspiration.

A Little Something To Show You Care
Not all presents have to mark an occasion; sometimes it’s nice to gift a little something to your partner just – well, because.

For him: Perhaps you share your shower products – femininely perfumed because you’re the one who shops them. So why not buy him something that is uniquely his? North for Men body wash will keep his skin in peak condition.

For her: Flowers and chocolate are overrated. If you really want to show her how much you care then it’s got to be a product from The ONE.

It’s Your Anniversary
An anniversary gift should strike the balance between romantic, but not corny; functional, but not devoid of form either.

For him: You’ve been together for many years and plan to be together for many more. And so, you have a vested interest in his skin care habits. Why not put together a grooming kit with a face wash, eye balm and moisturising cream? For the experienced male groomer the SkinPro Cleansing Device is a 1-minute addition to his routine he’ll love.

For her: It’s the most intimate gift of all – a perfume. Even the closest of partners can struggle to shop a scent for one another, so you’ll want something classic. Women's Collection Innocent White Lilac EdT, woody notes are guaranteed to delight. 

"Not all presents have to mark an occasion; sometimes it's nice to gift a little something to your partner just - well, because."

Happy Valentine’s Day
The day of lovers requires a carefully selected gift with a touch of humour.

For him: If you’re stumped on what to buy your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, why not treat him to ultra-kissable lips, with Tender Care Protecting Balm

For her: For a tongue and cheek, yet meaningful present try the seductive scent of Love Potion Secrets. Neither of you will be able to resist.

I Really, Really Like You
For when you’re not quite at the “I love you” stage, but you might be soon.

For him: What better way to say “I like you” then with the gift of good health habits? The Wellness Pack Man includes Omega-3, Astaxanthin and a Multivitamin formulated especially for him.

For her: A wise man knows that the way to a woman’s heart is via her beauty bag. As every girl likes to be pampered, why not treat her to an Hair Mask? It’s a touch of luxury she can enjoy at home.

The Grand Gesture
There are the small surprise gifts and the wildly romantic gestures – this present will have the latter covered.

For him: Gifting him cologne is the ultimate gesture of closeness. After all, you are giving him something he will wear every day. You want your man’s scent to be tasteful and chic, and so look no further than Giordani Gold

For her: Show how much you love her with a skin care set. Whatever her concerns, there’s a conveniently packaged four-step skin care routine to suit. It may require some research and financial investment, but she’ll be besotted with these products – and you, of course.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame