3 easy makeup looks for summer

Be summer gorgeous with this season’s up-to-the-minute makeup. Here are three of our favourite styles this season.

It’s all in the eyes this spring – and we won’t be dropping our gaze come summer, either. Colour – preferably intense – is the word and summer is the perfect season to get bold with your eye makeup. Your skin usually has more colour and you can easily create a party look without looking overly made-up. Our expert shares his top tips for three of this summer’s beauty trends.


‘In summer when you have a bit more colour, you can wear more intense shades – like bright blues and purples – and set them off with a golden shimmer on the skin,’ says Oriflame Global Beauty Artistic Director Jonas Wramell.


‘Gold and blue are gorgeous together. If you think blue shadow feels like too much, try blue eyeliner inside the wet line instead. So you’ll have your usual makeup but with just a splash of blue. Fairly subtle, but it’ll make green eyes greener, blue eyes bluer and give brown eyes more of a honey-brown hazelnut colour.’

And for the lips – something deliciously different…


Try mixing two shades of lipstick – a mocha shade and a purplish shade will blend to the perfect shade of berry.

‘Dab it on with your finger,’ advises Wramell. ‘That makes it much easier to wear a deeper shade. The lip doesn’t become so hard-edged and you won’t feel overdone. Dab it on with your pinkie to get that berry-stained feel and avoid that graphic line that puts off so many women.’

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images