What does the modern man look like this autumn? The always stylish Jonas Wramell, Oriflame's Global Beauty Artistic Director, gives you the hottest trends in male grooming.

What trends do we see in male grooming right now?
- The biggest trend is taking care of yourself. Men are becoming more and more conscious and vain, and they think it is fun to care for their appearance and feel fresh and stylish. The interest in male skincare is increasing every season and grooming has become an important part of the daily routine for men. The modern man should be masculine, preferably with a beard and casually tousled hair.

What does the modern man look like this autumn?
- We are inspired by a conscious, healthy and athletic man who lets his wild side shine through in the form of a beard and tousled hair. The modern man is well-dressed and conscious.

What characterizes the modern man?
- He has a personal style that he feels comfortable with, but he also likes to stand out. He is well aware that his inside and outside go hand in hand.

What are the most important beauty products that a man should have in his toiletry bag?
- In the fall when the skin gets a little drier, there are three key products if you want to look bright and fresh; the face scrub, to get rid of dead skin cells, the moisturizing face cream and the eye cream for a smooth and supple skin. Also remember to replace the light summer fragrance for a warm autumn scent that matches your personality. A concealer is never a bad idea, it’s ideal if you want to cover red spots and dark circles under the eyes.

What fashion style is hottest in the fall?
- The ultimate garment in autumn is a thin black leather jacket. You can match that with anything!

Photographs by: All Over Press & Getty Images