It was all about the lipstick at the Autumn Winter 2013 shows. We got to see beautiful tones of classic red, flirty pink and elegant burgundy. Light up the autumn darkness and give your style a luxurious and feminine impression with some color on the lips.

Do you feel it's hard to find the right lipstick shade? Jonas Wramell, Oriflame's Global Beauty Editor, reveals some simple tricks that you can use in order to find your ultimate lipstick color.

"To find the perfect lipstick you really have to try out different colors. Apply a lipstick when you don't have any other makeup on, to really feel the color in the best way and see how it suits you," says Jonas. "The other thing that determines if the color suits you is the color of your lips, hair and your teeth." Remember that red picks up and highlights yellow and orange highlights blue.

Some other tricks that gives you the perfect result:

  • Soft and smooth lips are the best base for strong colors. Start by scrubbing your lips softly with a dry toothbrush or a damp towel to remove dry skin. Apply a lip balm to soften your lips, finish by pressing a napkin to the lips to remove any traces that can help the lipstick to glide.
  • Start by lining the lips with a lip liner in the same color as your lipstick, follow the natural lip outline and then fill in the rest of the mouth. For best results, apply the lipstick with a brush, start at the center of the lips and work your way outward. For a more relaxed impression you can dab on the lipstick using your fingertips to give your lips a more sheer color. Keep the rest of the makeup clean, black mascara and well-shaped eyebrows is a nice complement to colorful lips.
  • Accentuate your lips by dabbing a little highlighter on the lip's bow and the center of the lower lip. The highlighter will attract the light and give the lips a fuller appearance.
Photographs by: All Over Press