We have looked a little bit closer at the Italian fashion houses to give you the hottest trends for fall and winter. Meet the autumn in a new fresh beauty look.


A big trend we saw in Milan was the allure of the elegant and feminine lady. The look was punctuated by tailored suits and marked waists together with a makeup finished that echoed 1940s and 1950s style. Bring out your seductive side and show off your femininity with classic eyeliner, red lips and beautiful curls. 

Marked cheekbones 

In recent years we had the rose-like rouge on the cheek for a sweet impression, but this season the trend moves to applying above the cheekbone. Shade the cheekbones with a blush or use a highlighter applied in the form of a triangle, above the eyebrow and on the cheekbone. The result is defined cheekbones that gives a fresh impression. 

Smokey eyes

This eye makeup style has become a true classic and is now a prominent feature at fashion shows. In Milan there were a lot of variations on this look - sparkling details and clear bright colors. The eye shadow is undoubtedly one of autumn's most important makeup products for on-trend results. 

Dramatic lips 

A red lip is one of fall's most stylish trends. In addition to a flawless complexion it doesn’t take much more. In Milan, we also saw a new twist on the classic red lips - purple lipstick. The punk chic is back – it is one of the main influences in the fall fashion collections. 

Natural makeup 

In contrast to the punkier styles, several designers choose to put all the focus on their clothes and gave the models a natural and minimalistic makeup style. However, the minimalist trend is far from natural; cheat the way to a perfect surface with a foundation, concealer and powder. 

Simple hairdos 

The hairdos for autumn don´t require much effort; the simple hair knot and low ponytail is hanging on from the spring and summer shows. The new twist for fall is to water comb the hair. Use a shine spray with a lot of firmness to give the hairstyle a water combed impression, comb the hair backwards and put it up in a knot, ponytail or just let it be naturally loose. 

Fluffy curls 

Beauty in autumn offers a very relaxed hairstyle. But designers like Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli gave us beautiful, curly hair that made us breathless!. Apply a volume mouse in your freshly washed hair to give it an ideal texture and blow dry with a hair dryer. Curl your hair tight with a small curling iron, let it cool and then brush out the curls to get the fluffy curls. Voila, fall's hottest hair!