90s colour revival

Bold, bright and brilliant colour reigned supreme in the early 90s. Twenty years on, vibrant shades are making a powerful comeback.

Inspired by the unforgettable neon trend of the late 80s, statement shades spanning the rainbow dominated the world of beauty and fashion in the early 90s. Hot pink lips, neon nails and powerful punches of electric colour were the trademark of the time.

As the decade developed, the neon surfer look gave way to grunge and gothic styles with monochromatic shades hastily pushing vivid colour into the past. Matte mauves, smoky greys and rich browns paved the way for the less is more makeup look, à la Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in the popular television series Friends.

Just like all trends, the punchy colours of the early 90s are now having a renaissance. Be daring and revitalise your wardrobe and makeup palette with bright, bold and unexpected bursts of colour. Simply balance striking shades with subtle hues for a fresh take on the vibrant 90s!
Words by: Photographs by: All Over Press