The Alphabet of Creams

From BB to CC: what are the differences and which beauty accronym is the best one for you?


Much appreciated imports from Asia, where perfect skin is seen as an absolute premium quality, the “alphabet creams” have joined their relatives, foundation and tinted moisturiser, in the beauty counter; resulting in a jungle of potentially skin perfecting base products. However, what are the differences between BB and CC creams? And when to use which? Oriflame’s guide helps to choose the best option for you.



BB cream

BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. This is a creamy and hydrating, multitasking product, which generally is lighter than a foundation, yet slightly heavier than a tinted moisturiser. A BB cream provides light coverage, sun protection as well as moisturising qualities – all in one tube. Depending on what brand you use, there may be other actives included as well, like antioxidants.
Especially for combination to oily skin, BB cream is a very handy solution in the morning, saving you time and effort. The risk however is that, given that this is a tinted product, you may apply less than you would do with your regular SPF or moisturiser, resulting in potentially dehydrated skin or insufficient sun protection. So keep that in mind!



CC cream

CC stands for Colour correction or Colour Care. While the difference between BB and CC creams is quite subtle, the main purpose of the latter is to even out and perfect the complexion, for a completely flawless skin tone. In order to give both instant coverage and long-term protection; CC creams often contain more active ingredients than BB creams: for instance antioxidants and vitamin C and E. The actual colour correction is generated with light diffusing particles, and pigments of for instance green or purple, all of which helps to visually even out the skin tone and blur imperfections. Usually, a CC cream is more lightweight, and more easily absorbed, than a BB cream. Given the colour correcting formula though, the CC cream provides more coverage.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team