Step By Step: The Cat Eye Look

The perfect cat eyeliner is flattering for most eye shapes and delivers a mysterious and classic look. In this exclusive Oriflame tutorial, we teach you how to get this tricky eyeliner shape just right. Read up on the steps below. To watch the video click here.


Start by applying a thin line of black kohl pencil along the roots of the top and bottom lashes; this is to avoid any gap between the liquid liner and the lashes later on. Make sure you blend properly.





Draw a liquid eyeliner from the middle of the lash line and out towards the end corner of the eye. Stop just before the end, look straight ahead and put a small dot where you want the line to end on the cat flick.




Now draw the line all the way to the dot and into the cat-eyed shape, and make the line as thick as you want it to be. The thicker the line, the bolder the look.





Finally, apply plenty of mascara and finish off by drawing a thin line with the liquid eyeliner under the eye for that extra definition.





And there you have it, the classic cat eye look – suitable for any occasion that requires glamour!

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen