Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

Spring is around the corner - we promise! And, so it’s time to switch your nourishing winter routine for some lighter, more seasonally-appropriate beauty habits.

A message to beauty-hoarders: if you have products that have spent the winter (and maybe even the winter before that) untouched at the back of your cabinet, it’s time to do an edit.

Aside from expiration dates, look out for changes in your products’ textures. Tell-tale signs include: clumpiness in mascaras, creams that have separated (solid at the bottom, fluid at the top), or changes in colour – particularly important to monitor in sunscreen.

DUST AWAY WINTER DRYNESS Do away with lack-lustre winter skin with an exfoliation routine. But don’t assume that exfoliators need to be gritty to be effective. If you have sensitive skin, cleanse your face with a terry or muslin cloth, or use a cleansing device to remove dead cell build-up. An AHA or BHA acid exfoliant is another great way to achieve radiant, spring skin, but note: newly exfoliated skin is fragile, so exfoliate at night or follow with SPF in the morning.

Mintel’s Women’s Haircare UK 2015 report confirmed that women feel that health and diet have the biggest impact on the appearance of their hair. You can combat the effects of winter hair loss with a diet that is high in protein and iron, Vitamin C and E, and Omega-3. This will help thicken your hair and give it extra protection from the sun – kind of like dietary SPF. 

"When spring arrives, those heavy, moisture-rich products can now be switched for something lighter" 

When spring arrives, those heavy, moisture-rich products that served you well in the cold, can now be switched for something lighter. Perhaps a gel or foaming cleanser or a lightweight day cream? And, don’t forget serums! Many antioxidant-rich serums are formulated to remedy tired-looking skin with brightening formulas (like True Perfection). And always – and we do mean always – wear SPF during the day. 

Just like your skin care – take the opportunity to switch-up your fragrance. In the winter, fragrances tend to be intense to diffuse through layers of clothes. In the spring, replace heavy base notes with something lighter: an eau de toilette with floral or musk notes.  

Last year, sales in face masks increased by 22.8% in Europe – and for good reason. Face masks are becoming more advanced and delivering better results than ever before. If your winter routine involves deep peels, it’s time to look for something lighter: a brightening cloth mask, a gentle exfoliating mask or a 10 minute hydrating treatment will suit warmer weather. 


Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame