Step By Step: Long Lasting Burgundy Nails

We love burgundy nails for the colder months. But when we apply a new colour we ultimately want it to last as long as possible. Follow our step-by-step guide for a simple way of getting beautifully painted nails with a long lasting effect!

Simply start with the centre part of your nail, without going too close to the cuticle, and apply one stroke of your preferred polish.  Apply another stroke of polish to the outer part of that same nail. Finish off by applying one more stroke to the other side.


While you allow that nail to dry, paint a first coat to the rest of your nails. 




Then apply a second coat, following the same steps as when you applied the first coat. Allow the polish to fully dry for a few minutes before touching or doing anything else.




And there you have it: long-lasting nail colour in the trendiest shade available! 

EXTRA TIP!  For even more long-lasting result always use a base coat and a top coat over the nail polish!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team