How To Prolong Your Sun Tan

Keep that summer glow and prolong your bronzed beauty by taking a little expert advice.

How can you keep your skin looking as fresh as it did when you unpacked your summer holiday bags? Meet Holly Grenfell, a member of Oriflame’s Expert Skin Care Panel, as she reveals her secrets to keep a healthy summer skin tone.


Rule Number One
Rule Number One is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Sun seriously dries out the top layers of the skin so try to keep it deeply hydrated by applying a rich body butter or cream, especially after a shower.

Face the facts

Face the facts. If you have a tan, you do have some cell damage. To counteract this, apply lotions and creams loaded with antioxidants to repair and restore cell integrity. Check labels and seek out active ingredients such as vitamins C and E, nourishing honey, or concentrates of ‘super’ fruits and berries.

Your colour can fade
Your colour can fade gradually and leave darker or uneven patches, especially on knees and elbows. You can very lightly buff with an exfoliating cream, but keep it gentle if you want to maintain the colour. Exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells and polishes but also removes the very top layer and hastens new, un-tanned skin to the surface.


Change the line up
Change the line up in the shower from a sudsy soapy gel to a crème bath or shower oil. Lubricating oils help boost skin’s own natural lipid levels and ‘coat’ the skin, giving a lovely sheen.


Fake it
Fake it. As it fades, top up your tan with a self tanning gel or cream. These products have come a long way since those glowing orange tones; today, advanced formulas give a super-natural look. You can adjust your level of tan by choosing different grades or strengths or even just blend with your body lotion to enhance the tan. This really is ‘smart’ tanning!


Most importantly
Most importantly, we all want to enjoy the benefits of the sun, but the days of frying until we blister are long gone. Enjoy light doses of sun but remember to protect your skin from harmful rays with broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection… because the most beautiful skin is healthy skin!
Words by: Photographs by: Kamel Lahmadi & Oriflame Editorial Team