How To Anti-Age Your Hands

Learn how to anti-age your hands in our smart step-by-step guide. Holly Grenfell, member of Oriflame’s Expert Skin Care Panel, reveals her secrets to keep your hands smooth and soft!

“Our hands are real workhorses and subject to frequent washing, exposure to sunlight, constant touching and even extreme temperature changes,” explains Holly Grenfell. It’s no wonder they’re among the first bits of our bodies to show those tell-tale signs of wear and tear.  

Follow Holly’s easy steps for youthful, beautiful and healthy hands.


Switch to a milder soap
Switch to a milder soap – one that’s specially formulated for delicate hands.  Skin on the hands gets drier over time, use a soap that’s not overly harsh to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils, or what dermatologists call our ‘protective mantle’.

Moisturiser with a higher SPF
Practice daily protection using a moisturiser with a higher SPF. Even when we’re not actually out sunbathing, we are still exposed to daily UV rays, for example when we’re driving, or sitting by a window in our office.  As much as 95% of wrinkles derive from sun exposure...

High intensity ingredients

Look for high intensity ingredients – botanical oils such as sweet almond oil nourish hands and restore good condition to the skin, while beeswax seals and shields skin.


Apply moisturiser

Apply moisturiser directly after washing or showering. Moisturiser is more effective on skin that’s slightly damp – the cream ‘locks in’ the water to boost the moisture charge.

Deep treatment

Besides using hand cream daily, consider a deep treatment of an ultra-rich body cream. Apply at night and sleep with gloves on to increase heat and penetration – this is especially helpful during the cold winter months or after working outdoors.


Go for the glow

Go for the glow. Smooth rough skin with weekly exfoliation. Gently buff the skin on hands and palms. Not only does this help improve the tone and texture of the skin, but it boosts cell turnover which slows down with age.

Look for multi-taskers

Look for multi-taskers that repair your hands’ skin as well as treating cuticles and nails. These are great for popping in the handbag so you can make the most of the double benefits of healthy cuticles and lovely soft hands.




- The skin: The skin on the back of our hands gets thinner over time, losing collagen and plumpness.
- Age acceleration: The skin on the hands ages faster than that on our faces.
- The past catches up: Our actions in our younger days – that time we got sunburned on the beach, for example – will show up later in the form of dark spots and blotches.
- Cell production slows down as we age:
Skin cells are flakier and hand skin is drier, rougher and even greyish in colour.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team