The New Kardashians - Kylie and Kendall Jenner

There’s no denying the influence the Kardashians have had on style and beauty. But lately we’ve seen interest shift towards the family’s two youngest sisters – top model Kendall and edgy entrepreneur Kylie. These bright and fresh faces are dazzling the world with their flawless complexions, dramatic beauty looks and pioneering fashion statements – here’s how you can too.

Kendall’s Smouldering Eyes

Kendall loves bold, dramatic eye makeup – here’s how to recreate her signature red carpet beauty look. 

1. Start by applying a luminous, gold eyeshadow over your whole eyelid - fill in all the way up to your eyebrows.
2. Then, apply a creamy eyeshadow in copper tones to your eye socket. Use the same colour to trace your lower eyelash line.
3. Now take a third shade. Use a chocolate coloured eye shadow and apply to the outer edges of your eyelid – this creates that smoky effect.
4. Take a dark eyeliner pencil, line your upper and lower lash lines – lean your elbow on a table to keep a steady hand!
5. Finally for that dramatic finishing touch, gently curl your eyelashes. Complete the look with several thick coats of black mascara. 

Kylie’s Killer Pout

Kylie has the most talked about lips of the moment. She’s got the perfect, showstopping pout – and now so can you. 

1. Start by applying a concealer to your lips –you want to create a neutral canvas.
2. Now, take a sharp lip pencil and trace a slightly wider lip than your own. Start from the outer corners and smoothly draw to the centre.
3. Take the same lip pencil and colour in your top and bottom lips.
4. Select a lipstick – Kylie’s is rose-brown - and smooth over your fuller pout - always pick a shade that suits your complexion. 

The perfect hair parting

A centre parting can give your face a fresh lift, it requires minimal effort, but can achieve maximum impact! 

1. Divide wet hair into a centre parting.
2. Apply a small amount of hair cream to the roots, then comb it through your hair whilst blow drying. If you want a bit of volume, gently lift the roots with your fingers as you dry it.
3. Once dry, either pull back into a low ponytail applying glossy hair spray, or tuck behind your ears. 
Words by: Photographs by: Getty images