5 Tricks for Larger-Looking Lips!

Today, plump, pillowy lips are a beauty mainstay. But if you’re not naturally blessed with a full pout (and most of us aren’t) – don’t fret. Oriflame Artistic Director Jonas Wramell offers his tricks for faking larger lips with makeup.

“Colour and light play a large part in how big or small our lips appear. If your objective is to have fuller-looking lips, you should stay away from very dark colours and choose light ones instead. It’s basic colour theory: When light reflects off surfaces it tricks the eye into thinking an area is larger than it actually is. But very dark surfaces absorb light, which makes them appear to shrink. I’m not saying that you should throw out your red lipstick just yet, but look for a brighter red instead of deep red-brown and plum shades.”

“The easiest way to fake fuller-looking lips is a technique I call “the converted lip liner”. Use a nude eye pencil or a concealer to lightly rim or draw dots along your upper lip line, blending and smudging with a small brush. This trick enhances your natural lip line and gives the illusion of volume - you don’t even need to use a lip liner. Do it carefully though, you don’t want to look like you just drank a glass of milk!”  

“Another trick is to play with light (you already learnt the basics in tip 1!).  If you dab some highlighter or concealer onto the middle of your bottom and top lip, light will bounce off this area. This will pull your lips forward to create a fuller-looking pout.” 

"When lights reflects off surfaces it tricks the eye into thinking an area is larger than it actually is"

“If sparkles, shimmer, and highlighters aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s another trick – ombré lips. For this, you’ll need two lip shades: one darker colour to outline your lips and a lighter one for the inner part of your lower and upper lips. Trace your natural lip line in a dark coloured lipstick or lip pencil – you can make this line slightly larger than your natural lip size. Then use your lighter shade in the centre of your lip blending the two colours together. Again, by playing with light you’re amping up the 3D effect.”

“Lip gloss! Simple yet effective: layering a clear gloss over your favourite light coloured lipstick will not only add shine, it will also create a reflective surface for an instant power-pout.”

Words by: Photographs by: Kristin Wreyford