Contour Your Nose

Contouring is a useful makeup trick that can help you transform your features using some shading tricks. This exclusive Oriflame tutorial will show you how to use contouring to make your nose to look thinner or thicker depending on the shape you want.




First apply a light foundation or a concealer down the centre part of your nose. Make sure it’s 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Highlighter emphasizes the area it's placed on.







The next step is when you decide if you want to create the illusion of a thicker or thinner shape by using a matte light brown shadow to shade., Applying darker shades can make certain features recede.  You contour by using a small blending brush and applying the darker shade on the sides of your nose. The thicker the line of lighter foundation you leave on the nose the thicker your nose will appear and vice versa.





Finish off by powdering, blending and setting the makeup around your nose so that the contouring isn’t too visible!


And that’s how to create shadows to transform your features and get the nose shape you want.

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen