Baby Essentials: What Your Newborn Baby Really Needs

As new parents, we are led believe that we need a million gadgets for our baby to thrive. Bath thermometers, bottle warmers, diaper genies and designer baby clothes. But do you really need it all? We’re here to tell you that they can be helpful, sure, but what your baby really needs are a few, very simple things.

You may have heard that you will spoil your baby by picking them up too often, but actually, it’s the opposite. Science shows that babies need love and skin-on-skin contact more than anything else! Closeness and touch are key for creating a bond between parent and baby, and the absence of touch can negatively affect intellectual, physical and behavioural development. Touch also helps to regulate your baby’s heartbeat and breathing, improves sleep and makes for an overall healthier baby. So, skip the fancy baby clothes and cuddle up for some skin-on-skin whenever possible!

All babies need milk, but whether your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, all that matters is that your baby doesn’t go hungry! However, if it’s available to you, breastfeeding has been shown to have great benefits for both mama and baby. It helps with immunity, reduces the risk of several diseases and provides all the nutrition your baby needs to thrive. Many mums struggle with breastfeeding, and it’s important to remember that if breastfeeding doesn’t work for you, it’s not a failure.

Babies can sleep anywhere. They don’t really need a crib, bassinet or a baby nest, what’s important is that they DO sleep. During sleep their little brains grow, develop and mature. It also helps them process sensory input and promote learning and memory formation. However, their sleep isn’t dependent on what kind of bed they have. Your arms, the stroller, or wherever they fall asleep is fine, as long as they do. Don’t expect 8 consecutive hours though!

Skin Care
Out of all the things on the newborn-baby checklist, skin care should be considered an essential! A baby’s skin is very delicate and newly exposed to the world outside the womb. In the womb, babies have a protective layer of vernix, a white substance that protects and moisturises the skin. Some babies still have vernix on their skin when they’re born, but not all, and if they do, it’s washed away with their first bath. Their skin barrier is also 30% thinner than adult skin, has lower natural moisturising factors and lipid content, making it more sensitive. This means that baby skin actually needs a lot of support in the skin care-department.

AWe believe that every parent knows what is best for their baby. So whatever gadgets you choose to invest in for your little one, trust that you know what is right, and don’t worry about all the advice out there. And remember, if you’ve got these four things covered, you’ve covered your baby’s most important needs.

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