7 Ways to Heal Your Feet After Heels

We all love high heels, but after several days of wearing them, even the most resilient of feet can experience pain. Whether you’ve got aching calves, blisters or soreness, tackle high heel hangover with our guide.

If your feet are sore, fill a tub with some hot water and soak them for a while. It might sting a bit at first—especially if you have blisters—but the heat will help ease tired muscles. Add a few drops of bath oil for an extra boost and follow with a moisturising foot cream.

Any open wounds need immediate attention: Always disinfect before sealing with a plaster. And resist the temptation to pop blisters; that bubble is actually your body's way of producing a natural cover to keep the skin underneath clean.

Patience is probably the most frustrating part of the whole process. We know you have places to be and amazing shoes to wear. But you're only going to create more problems if you don’t wait for your wounds to heal. Try sleeping with a foot mask and moisturising socks – it will speed the healing process up! 

Your feet can develop rough areas on pressure points, which can crack and become painful. Use a pumice stone to buff any calluses away and (gently) exfoliate your feet, following with a specialised foot cream. We recommend paying special attention to the balls of your feet and the backs of your heels –these take much of the hit when you wear heels! Also take some time to sort out improperly cut or ingrown toenails, as these can be very painful.

It's best to keep sore, swollen, and blistered feet untouched. Spend some time barefoot and use a moisturising foot cream like Feet Up Cooling Foot Cream with kiwi and mint to refresh tired feet. Ready to venture out? Slip into your most comfortable flats - your feet will thank you. The key is to choose shoes that will support your feet and have as little contact with your skin as possible.

6. TREAT YOURSELF TO A FOOT MASSAGE The arch of the foot contains several muscles that and work to stabilise the toes and support body weight. Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage to improve blood flow and relieve any pain.

Pick shoes that are better for your feet! When you wear shoes that are tight or constrict the natural shape of your foot, you’re guaranteed to feel pain. Consider wearing cushioned insoles or choose a shoe with a thicker heel for stability. A thicker heel will give you better balance and distribute weight on your foot better. Finally! You’re back on your feet again. Now go forth, stand tall—and walk comfortably!

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock