We love Australian actress Margot Robbie’s feminine style. Learn how to get her natural makeup look.

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street is undoubtedly this winter’s most anticipated film—so who better to look to than its leading lady for beauty cues to ring in a bright and healthy new year? Australian Margot Robbie plays the irresistible love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, a hard-partying stock swindler who scammed Wall Street out of millions in the 1990’s.

Robbie dolled-up for her seductive, break-out role, but her off-screen look is approachably sexy and all about strong brows, kissable lips, and flawless skin. To learn how to channel Robbie’s femme-fatale-next-door, we caught up with London-based make-up artist Maxine Leonard, who’s worked with A-listers from Keira Knightly to Jennifer Aniston.

Envious of Robbie’s bold brows that create just the right contrast to her blond locks? “Use a brow palette or pencil to fill in any gaps,” says Leonard, “then brush through with a comb to blend product into the hairs, and set the brow with a gel or a wax to ensure the shape remains in place.”

When it comes to lipstick, Robbie tends to forego the Hollywood staple: crimson red. Indeed, Robbie’s pout is often kissably hued in a subtler, pinker palette and Leonard recommends that we all take a page from her book and use rich pinks this time of year, as they’re softer against pale, winter skin.

Speaking of skin, Leonard credits Robbie’s flawless glow to a good skincare routine, but a bit of concealer goes a long way too! Dab onto the cheekbones, the center of the nose and just under the chin. “This opens up the face and creates natural highlights,” explains Leonard, “it’s an easy way to freshen up tired winter skin, and it’s definitely the key to Robbie’s gorgeous look!”


Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images