For a truly unique, frosted winter look, take inspiration from the mythical Ice Queen: winter’s steely and elegant heroine.

Ice queens truly demonstrate the essence of an icy winter through their enigmatic look, capturing cool blues, bold purples, and white shimmery shades. You too can use these essential tones to create this fresh seasonal look.

First things first - it's always about a flawless complexion. To make sure your skin is shine-free and even, consider a loose powder for a perfect finish that will carry you through the bright light of day, to the darker drawing in of the night.

For eyes that really evoke an icy appeal, try a shadow in a powdery blue for a softer look, or a deep, daring purple for a bit more drama. Punctuate the eye effect even further with some jet black Mascara - you want to create some serious volume that lasts, even when the temperature drops!

A pale pink lipstick gets the fully frosted effect, and you're just about ready to take on the cooler months. Now it's just about summoning that steely confidence and finding your inner femme fatale - you're graceful and refined, but also mysterious with a hint of danger!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images