Why he needs a Skin Care Routine too

Good skin care habits are one of the most important things a man can do for his appearance. To help him out, we’ve outlined five essentials for a great-looking complexion.

Just because he’s not removing makeup, doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to cleanse at the beginning and the end of the day – and a bar of soap doesn’t cut it! Hand soaps are designed for just that, your hands, and can be drying and irritating when used on your face.

Overnight, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin and need to be removed. And because men’s skin produces more sebum than women’s, it’s essential that they cleanse and tone in the morning to prevent clogged pores.

And in the evening? Well, just because his face doesn’t feel greasy or dirty doesn’t mean it isn’t. Washing with a cleanser will remove the pollution, oil and dirt that has built-up on the skin during the day, and following with a toner will get rid of any hard-to-budge residue.

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The skin around the eyes is drier than the skin elsewhere on his face. An eye cream will target the tell-tale signs of a busy lifestyle, reducing puffiness, addressing dark circles and combatting fine lines.

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Because of the hormone testosterone, men’s skin tends to be around 25% thicker than women’s. But as men age, skin gradually gets thinner and wrinkles begin to show. Serums have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins, and because they’re lightweight in texture, they can deliver these beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin for results.

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Men have higher collagen density then women, which explains why they show the signs of ageing later in life. However, because men tend not to be very sun-savvy they form fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots, cancelling out their hormonal advantage. Lucky for him, most day creams contain SPF15 or above and will shield from UV rays.

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Men’s skin is dryer, tougher and more prone to inflammation than women’s, and it’s no secret that hair growth and shaving often leads to irritation. A day cream will rehydrate the skin and act as a barrier against external aggressors, whilst a night cream will nourish skin as it repairs itself overnight. Healthy, well-moisturised skin has the added bonus of being easier to shave and care for too.

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Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images