Understanding Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care products have come a long way. These days they’re longer lasting, more effective and better formulated than ever before. We look at some of nature’s most potent ingredients, to see if Mother Earth can solve all our hair care needs.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint what is meant by natural, we believe natural ingredients should be sourced from plants or other natural sources. These ingredients are extracted mechanically and use natural solvents, rather than chemical alternatives.


Fine, thin or damaged hair will benefit from the use of honey in hair care. Honey is a fantastic natural softening and smoothing ingredient, as it’s composed of hair healthy nutrients including amino acids and vitamins, which moisturise.

Milk is another all-natural option, as it’s packed with proteins that provide moisture and condition and strengthen hair. Milk is also rich in Vitamin A and B6, which keep hair soft and shiny.

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”We believe natural ingredients should be sourced from plants or other natural sources.”


You’ve probably seen tea tree oil in skin care products targeting acne, but the Australian ingredient is also ideal for relieving an irritated scalp and naturally treating dandruff. Another all-natural dandruff remedy is Amla oil, a soothing Vitamin-C rich oil that’s popular in India. Because ginger oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it’s another highly effective treatment for a flaky scalp.

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Shikakai is sometimes referred to as the “fruit for hair” because of it’s cleansing properties. Naturally mild, its low PH balance means it doesn’t strip hair of natural oils, making it well suited for those wanting to treat dull hair with a botanical product.

If you want something a bit more potent, try Moringa Oil; a dose of this strengthening oil has more Vitamin A than a carrot and more Vitamin C than an orange, not to mention its full of antioxidants and essential amino acids.

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Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock