The First Signs of Ageing (And How to Combat Them!)

Late nights, meals on the go and one too many cups of coffee can play havoc with your skin. Having left teenage breakouts behind (phew!) your skin in your twenties tends to give way to new problems: expression lines, dullness and visible pores - aka the first signs of ageing; here’s how to treat them.

Solution: Post-teenage women tend to experience an increase in the hormone progesterone, which can lead to dry skin. This is why proper hydration from an early age is so important – it’ll ward off the first signs of ageing! Moisturising with a day cream that contains amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins will plump skin cells, targeting the first signs of ageing. Layer the True Perfection day cream, containing acai plant stem cell extract over your serum for a fresh-faced glow.


Solution: If you’re pulling all-nighters, eating salty food and scrimping on the water, you’re likely to experience puffy, under-eye bags. Treating the aforementioned is a no-brainer, but you’ll also want to invest in an eye cream that contains caffeine to tighten the area. An eye cream will protect from damage and treat the first signs of ageing – after all, this is where you show them first! For an instant pick-me-up, store in the fridge for a cooling massage upon application. 


Solution: You may have noticed patchiness, larger pores and a dull skin tone that you’re sure wasn’t there before. Stress and a lack of sleep can cause your body to overproduce cortisol, which can worsen inflammatory conditions and breakouts. It also interrupts your body’s natural repair process, which is why you look “aged” when you haven’t slept well – if you want better skin, get eight hours of shut-eye. 

But if you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal changes or sun damage, look for a product that contains hydroquinone, Vitamin C or Multi Brightening Technology (found in Bright Sublime). And – of course – wear SPF. 

AGEING SIGN: DULLNESS Solution: Now is the time to get exfoliating. Invest in a cleansing device (like SkinPro Cleansing Device) to whip away any dead skin cells and look for an age-appropriate way to increase cell turnover: glycolic acid (found in True Perfection night cream), lactic acid and salicylic acid will smooth out imperfections. 

You can never have too many antioxidants in your skin care routine and a serum is the most efficient way of getting them. Silk Tree Extract is an anti-inflammatory that acts on a cellular level to hydrate and combat ageing. The True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum, containing Silk Tree Extract, has been clinically proven to increase skin radiance by 95% - impressive right?

Solution: Take a serious look at your sugar consumption: Are you consuming more than six teaspoons of sugar a day? Sugar activates inflammation, binding and damaging collagen and elastin, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. A healthy diet is an essential complement to your skin care routine.

Finally, add the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin to your supplement intake – it can help boost collagen, reduce lines and hydrate the skin. More elasticity = better looking skin! 

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock